What's an ITX?
Jul 28, 2019
Anyone that's been around since the kickstarter days knows that - for a Dan Case, it's always worth the wait.

Here is a tiny update to break the silence from my side. I am still working on the case. I am nearly done with the CAD work and after this i will show what i have. It will be possible to add some tiny wishes or make some tiny changes based on user feedback. Then i will order the prototype.

I learned from the last month that i can't pleased everyone and that it is important that i make a product that i am happy with. I will not rush therefor i will not offer a release date or make promises that i can't keep. So if you need a case now don't wait for this project.

Thank you for your support
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Cable Smoosher
Mar 1, 2018
Not to derail the thread, but what's your problem with SFFLab? I haven't heard any I issues.
Maybe he/she has no credit card or access to Apple Pay, to pay for the case through SFFLab. Like me.
I understand Paypal causes too many headaches for SFFLab to reconsider using, but I hope other payment options will eventually be implemented.
Or maybe just like Dan's A4 cases, sold through Caseking or Overclockers UK (?)
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Caliper Novice
May 18, 2018
I was around since sometime early last year, but I still have not lost faith in this case. I still hope to see THE CASE I was looking forward to. THE CASE that can run dual 120 AIOs with only 10L.
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