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Payson, Utah, USA


Cable Smoosher
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Apr 4, 2023
Hey there everyone,

I'm the owner of Tesseræ. We're a new company that started with the goal of filling the void. Out of all the PC building companies out there, nobody really offers much in the way of SFF. There's one or two that I've seen pop up here or there with an SFF case, but are hard to find, and have limited offerings in the way of customization. Equally important, out of the top 10 SFF cases out there, 0 were offered by PC builders (now I am seeing 1 or 2).
I wanted to create a company that exclusively builds SFF PCs, is easy to find, configure, and buy from.
So that's our goal and our hope!
We offer an industry leading 3-year parts and 5-year labor warranty, something that most have you pay extra for.
Because we are small, we basically have to buy parts at the same cost as everyone else on Amazon or Newegg. We'd love to be able to have enough demand for SFF PCs that we can buy them at better prices and offer you, our customers better prices.

We recently built out a Dan C4-SFX with a an Asus ProArt RTX 4080 OC with AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D and benchmarked it with Starfield and several other games and performance benchmarks! This is available as a pre-configured build, with specs on our website here! Dan C4-SFX pre-built
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