Custom Lenght Sleeved PSU Power Cables **Gauging Interest**


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Apr 10, 2019
Hello, I know we have a member here on SFF that does custom length cables specifically designed for these SFF builds. I just order some supplys and I will be offering my version of custom length/sleeved cables as well. I'm trying to see if any memeber would be interested in purchasing sets of cables if my work turns out to be what I think it can. I'm a fabricator and I have pretty extensive knowledge in anything hands on and a lot of electrical work. I currently have a DanCase V2 with an EVGA 650watt GM psu with an Asetek 645LT installed. I know I need to re-route some of my wiring and possible change it altogether. I will be working on this the next couple of weeks. Just seeing if anyone would have any interesting as long as things goes somewhat according to plan. I will have pictures to show proof of my work of course. Thanks


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Jul 7, 2017
Have you taken a look at pslate's cables? He makes custom lengths for many of the SFF cases discussed in this forum. He is constantly having to close orders so he can catch up with his back log, so I would say the demand is there.


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Aug 7, 2018
Do you do heatshrinkless cables? And what would you charge for a set?
Also what kind of sleeving do you offer?

There's always demand for it, only issue is here there are established providers like PSlate you'd need to compete against, however as the above pointed out he's usually closed to work through his backlog due to demand from SFF community members to eradicate excess cable clutter.

I for one will need a set of custom cables soon and was hoping to use PSlate but can never get in :p


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Dec 9, 2018
There’s a demand, I have tried doing my own, I find it painful and unfulfilling and I take an age to do even a half acceptable job (let alone working out lengths, wiring and so on).

One suggestion is to offer a paid sample, at cost. People only need a length; you could add value by making it likely to be usable or show off your skills. Depending on the price I much prefer a sample option even if I must pay to cover costs.


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Dec 29, 2015
There's definitely a market for it, but if you are charging more than china does (look at winkool on AliExpress), then it has to be better quality or close to pslate quality.