Custom FormD-T1 Type Side Panel For The Geeek A30 V2


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May 18, 2019
I am looking into buying the new version of the Geeek A30 but the acrylic side panels aren't doing it for me that much. I was wondering if it's somehow possible to make custom side panels for the A30 like the ones on the FormD-T1 or if there's a service that can do that for me. Thanks


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Jul 30, 2020
I bought the case and am just waiting for it to ship. I believe the side panels are perfectly flat. I planned on making my own side panels as well. You could likely buy any ventilated panel and cut it to size aesthetically, making sure the bolt holds are properly positioned. Depending on the bolt length, the panel may be able to be thicker or thinner that the stock acrylic panel (I'll verify once I get mine, but it might be the same for existing cases).

The GEEEK folks are very helpful. I've had a few exchanges with them. If you're willing to DIY, I'm sure they'll provide you all the panel specs you need :)