Custom AIO


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Jan 4, 2020
After watching the below video from Optimum Tech it got me thinking if this would make sense in the Ncase M1. At the moment I have an AIO from Fractal in my case but the issue with most of the standard AIO's is that you really have to cram the tubes in there in a limited space, which can cause stress on the tubes and other components it touches.

So I was thinking if I would use the same pump/block combination mentioned in the video (Alphacool Eisbaer LT Solo) together with a rad of my liking and then use custom short tubes that can run directly from the block to the rad on the left side, it would make installing the AIO much easier while also providing better airflow inside the case and offer a cleaner aesthetic. The downside is that it will be more expensive than a vendor manufactured AIO.

I believe there is a clearance of 135mm from the CPU bracket to the side panel and the Eisbaer pump is 68mm in height. Together with a 30mm thick rad and 25mm fans that gives me a total of 123, which should be enough.

Any thoughts?