Closed Custom 4 liter case for ITX cards, printed in Onyx - $60 OBO

I'm selling a small case that I designed and had a shop 3D print for me for early prototyping. This case is made with a MarkForged One printer using Onyx filament (nylon with carbon fiber), more expensive than either PLA or ABS. It's one of a kind, as most cases this size are either made in more affordable plastic materials.

The case is about 200 x 200 x 103 mm, wide enough for a 39mm tall CPU cooler and long enough for an ITX graphics card up to 175mm long. It's primarily made for powering with an external power brick. If you want a very compact case with some room for experimentation this could be nice to have.

Pictures of the case (card not included):

The material has a finer print resolution, and it's a bit tougher than ABS plastic. However, it's also very flexible at parts and good tensile strength. A good way to describe it is, it's not as brittle as ABS and more room to flex, and somewhat rubbery.

Being very small, this case can be tricky to build in. Thanks to the flexibility of the material you'd be able to at least have wiggle room to install the parts.

The case is made up of 6 separate pieces, 4 for the outer shell and 2 for motherboard mount. Case is joined by 4 countersunk 6-32 screws in the bottom piece and 4 each on the sides. It is open air as there are no side panels with this case. But it's possible to have custom panels cut and attach them with the screws.

Price for this case is $60 OBO plus shipping. That includes the screws, standoffs and 20 cm riser cable. I can have the case taken apart and flat pack if it saves shipping costs.
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