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    Nice find!
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    That poor i3-8121U, the CPU which exists only so Intel bosses can collect their 10nm bonuses. Consider this: it's a 10nm CPU at 2.2-3.2 GHz so why does it need 15W when the 14nm i3-8145U at 2.1-3.9 also only wants 15W...?
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    10nm bonuses lmfao
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    The reported gate and metal pitches on the dissected i3-8121U from Intels 10nm(54 nm and 36 nm respectively) are more like the 7nm numbers on everyone else's which was already common knowledge. So it's a good pipe cleaner if nothing else to ramp the line.

    The i3-8145U is also configurable for TDP up to 25W so maybe not an apple to apple comparison really.