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Jun 15, 2019
I have my main PC on a Cougar QBX, without a discrete GPU at the moment.
The thing is, I ordered a Powercolor Red Dragon Vega 56, which is a 140mm tall GPU.
I didn't have the height in mind until a couple of days ago I tried putting my friend's Sapphire Nitro+ RX 590, which is a 135mm tall card, and we couldn't do it because of the height, although we only spent like 4 mins trying to fit it...
That made me realise that I won't be able to put the Red Dragon Vega 56 into the QBX, at least not that easily. I've seen people fit a MSI RX 480, which also is a 140mm tall GPU, but I don't really know if I should even try at this point, the seller clearly specifies returns because of wrong orders are only applied when the package is sealed...

I've already ordered a return but I'm kinda hoping if any of you know for sure that with an angle you can maybe fit it... I also have a Dremel but that would be like the last option...

What do you guys think?


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Jul 15, 2019
Let me give you my full advice about the whole Vega experience. First my main pc is on a cougar qbx. Great case and only got it because I could fit any video card and not settle for any itx type video but with that comes a price.

I'm just say it bluntly. Vega is trash. Don't get it and it is by far the worst possible video card to get for itx, or for a big case for any matter, because Vega. And here are the main reasons.

1. Power Power Power. If your power supply is anything below a 750w, it gonna crash, underclock, black screen of death. Go online and search for any of these errors and you'll find that numerous posts of frustrated Vega owners and having to deal with. Luckily you didn't get the Gigabyte Vega. That's the one I have and it's the absolute worst piece of crap ever.

2. Raise the case up, get a little stand that raises the case a few inches above. You'll need every inch because all the airflow will come from the bottom. Also remove the air filter you have under the QBX, because it will choke to death with how hot Vega gets.

3. The heat will kill. I hope you have some very high quality fans like the noctua, mounted on the side. If you're not using an 3.5 or 2.5 HD, make sure to put a fan because without it, Vega will create a feedback loop of hot air and it will crash. Make sure the cpu fan is strong because you'll need as much air flow as possible.

4. Play with the Wattman settings and be prepared to settle for underclocking your GPU. Because, as great of a case that it is, you'll experience high Temps and maybe even crash because of the overheating.

That being said, my I have the following :

Noctua low profile heat sink and fan
A noctua side fan,
8tb HD
Gigabyte Vega 64
Seasonic 850w Platinum (fits inside QBX)

I've had to do so much crap, trial and error in finding that the reason my card sucks is it needs power. Too much and honestly, if you if you use Vega, go to the forums and read on the best supported power supplies. Truthfully, 1200w would be a "safe bet" with Vega. Anything less or unproven power supply, I guarantee you will experience crashes and black screens of death because of the power supply.

And even after finding the power supply that wouldn't crash my Vega card, I had to swap and test the fans for best air flow. I think I've got it to a point where it's kinda stable, but if I overclock, or if you let it run higher than 60 fps, the case will get to hot, crash, trip the power supply to reset.

Vsync "On" is your friend. I'm very serious, if you go above 60 fps you'll overcook your case and either get a crash or have an poor gaming experience.

I had my Vega 64 in a tower and only then did I not have to worry about the card running free. But even then, the 1000w power supply tripped and caused my system to crash. Turns out the power supply can't share the same rail the CPU is using. My GPU power is on VGA 3 + VGA 6.

Research the best power supply if you'll get it on atx tower. But for cougar QBX, the power supply I listed was the best possible for safely running a Vega.

This Vega 64 forced me to upgrade my power supply. You'll see posts of people using less then 750w but it's suicide and you'll just be begging for issues and problems.

If I can go back, I never ever would have pick up Vega. If you can return it or get rid of it, I strongly advice you to do so because you'll need to really test the limit of your patience forcing this card in an itx build. I'm stubborn so I kept at this madness. I hope you're aware of what awaits you.


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May 14, 2019
I think the powercolor vega 56 has an itx pcb but a full size cooler isnt it(?) So the concerns about cooling should be avoided if you get rid of the air at the end of the card and push the air out for the gpu area the air of the gpu mostly comes out from the sides of the case.

Ok, now for the question op posted: im using the cougar qbx on my main system with an rx480 strix and of course it didnt fit so there are three ways to make it work:

First option: with your motherboard unscrewed and io shield installed wigle your way until the gpu conects and screw the top of the motherboard and your gpu

Second option: remove everything over the pcie brackets, and insert the gpu at an angle making sure the pci cover of the gpu lands inside the case (you can also remove it and install it later to make this more easy) and screw everyting back

Third option: the restiction is caused by a lid over the gpu area (it is a structural thing) but you can remove it with an angle grinder

I havent tried the last one but when i upgrade im gona doit for ease of use on the long therm