Closed Corsair DDR4-3800 SODIMM 16gb (8GBx2) CMSX32GX4M4X3800C18 (Samsung Bdie) for a300/x300 etc

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Selling one pair (TWO STICKS) of new, unused Samsung bdie DDR4-3800 Sodimms (8GB x2 = 16gb) in the original box. The reason I am selling this is the kit comes with two pairs of ram and I only needed one. There is no way to buy a single pair of this memory from retail channels.

This is a matched dual channel pair (sequential serial numbers).
Ideal for either Asrock Deskmini x300 or Jupiter x300 (or possibly some other Ryzen 5000 laptop or mini PC?) that allows XMP and 1.35v dram.

$170 shipped to anywhere in US flat rate priority mail.
Product SKU: CMSX32GX4M4X3800C18
Manufacturer page: Corsair
XMP Timings: 18-19-19-39
XMP Voltage: 1.35v

For more information and discussion on performance see these threads:

YMMV, but the pair I am using runs flawlessly at DDR4000 simply by loading XMP, then bumping the frequency. No voltage or timings changes were needed.
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Jul 7, 2021
Ok so I finally cracked and ordered my DeskMini. It was too hard to pass up at $600AUD ($425USD) for (used): DeskMini X300, 5600G, 2x8GB Patriot Signature 3200 SODIMMs, 2x1TB SSDs (1 2.5", 1 NVMe), Killer WiFI M.2
I'll see how the included RAM OCs, and also test the 5600G performance with faster RAM (via B550 ITX + 2x8GB Patriot Viper 4400)
If the performance uplift is big enough with faster RAM, and the 'Signature' SODIMMs suck, you can expect to hear from me. :)
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Apr 28, 2017
Unfortunately its not, I used it on a test bench and then it got damaged somehow