Selling Corsair DDR4-3800 C18 SODIMM 16GB (8GBx2) CMSX32GX4M43800C18 for a300/x300 US

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Selling a pair (two sticks) of unused sodimms from Corsair. I originally bought them from another seller. If I remember correctly, he tested it on a system he built and then decided to sell it. I asked him if he could sell me two sticks as I wanted to install them into an x300 barebones kit. I built my own x300 but the person I gave it to never used the PC. I just sold the PC today with a different set of RAM.

You cannot buy these as a pair and must be bought as a kit of 4 sticks. I'm also including 4 free ram heatsinks.

$150 obo Shipped to anywhere in the US
Product SKU: CMSX32GX4M43800C18
Product page: Corsair
XMP Timings: 18-19-19-39
XMP Voltage: 1.35v

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