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Other Compulab 7.5L fanless Workstation with i9/Xeon E + Quadro


Trash Compacter
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Mar 11, 2019

This console sized workstation is equipped with i9-9900K 8 core CPU and QUADRO RTX 4000 GPU. Future Xeon E Processors are also supported as the motherboard is using C246, a workstation chipset.

Internal expansion is extremely good for its size, you have 4x DIMM DDR4-2666 ECC RAM slot, with up to 128GB memory support; 2xM.2 key M 2280 NVME at PCIe 3.0x4, one of it also supports SATA; the drive bay can accommodate 4x 2.5 disks up to 9.5mm, or 2x15mm. The GPU and CPU are socketed, and the PCIe slot that the GPU is using supports bifurcation. It have one M.2 key E 2230 for WiFi, and one M.2 key B 3042 for LTE modem, the modem is going to use the micro sim slot on board.

External IO is not bad at all. On the backside, you have 4 DPs from dGPU, 2 DPs and 1 HDMI from iGPU, 6x USB3 , 2 1Gbe Ethernet, 3 RS232 COM, 3.5 audio in/out and a spdif fiber. The front io is changeable, the default configuration includes 1x USB 3.1 gen 2 type C, 1x USB 3.1 gen 2 type A, 1x USB 3.1 gen 1 type A, 3.5 headphone/mic. The front io module(they call it face model) uses 4x PCIe lanes with huge flexibility. The block diagrams shows some of the options:

Looks promising, little worried about the temp of the 9900k though, seems like it will be a throttling hell.
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Shrink Ray Wielder
Jul 7, 2017
Pretty impressive the amount of hardware they have squeezed into that volume, a fanless 9900k sounds highly unlikely without a massive passive heatsink.