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Jan 5, 2020
Community Deals Section Rules:

All forum members are allowed to post direct links to online deals on products and services, in order to share such buying opportunities with other members of the community. However, we have a few rules in place that are meant to keep such a resource healthy and valuable for all of us. They are as follows:
  • All posted deals should truly be 'deals' insofar that the pricing should be a tangible and uncommon improvement over the commonly-available pricing; if a quick visit to CamelCamelCamel reveals that the price isn't rare, that 'deal' is anything but.
  • Don't post a deal that's since expired.
  • Don't post a deal that is not intended to be available to the public - this includes deals that take advantage of flaws or bugs in a website.
  • Don't re-post a deal that's already been shared.
  • As a reminder of the forum rules, affiliate links are not allowed.
If at any point you are unsure whether or not a deal would be in violation of our rules, feel free to ask a moderator or staff member about it beforehand, such as @Aibohphobia or @confusis.
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