News Cheers to Ncase, you had a good run!

M1 has met its end of production. Kudos for what you did for SFF! I remember when ya were on [H]!

PS-glad I got a 6.1 when I did!


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Feb 22, 2015
I feel compelled to make a personal comment in light of this news. I remember all the way back, years ago, when I first found out about the M1, which in turn introduced me to SFF as a segment of the PC hobbyist world. That introduction is what led to the meeting of minds that made this forum a reality; it also begat the great majority of the products I’ve either helped to create, or been adjacent to as a contemporary. Let alone the many people I’ve met, relationships I’ve made, places I’ve gone to… needless to say, I’ve been able to work on some really cool stuff and have a richer life experience all because I incidentally came across NCASE.

As such, it is no exaggeration in my view to say that the M1 was crucial in kickstarting the SFF ‘revolution’ by proving through example that enthusiasts could bring great ideas to market. COVID-induced challenges aside, there is an ecosystem and marketplace of products and designs today that we as SFF enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy and appreciate, yet did not always exist; likewise, there are even more products and trends that established manufacturers and others have introduced whose inspiration follows a direct lineage to the M1, to the benefit of literally hundreds of thousands of consumers, if not more.

No one enclosure can claim to be the absolute best, but there’s no doubt in my mind which within the SFF community has been the most influential. And so while I am saddened that the OG has retired, I’m also overwhelmed with gratitude, having observed how the M1 has impacted my life, as well as how it has fostered enormous positive change in the PC marketplace. And the ripples of that change will endure long after folks have forgotten about what first stirred them.


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Mar 2, 2015
I got the v2 once it hit the market and I had a few other cases in between when I got the itch to build something new. But in the end? I always came back to the Ncase. Thanks for making this awesome case. I know no better one.
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May 9, 2015
The original M1 has been very influential in my life as well, going from Hardforum's SFF subforum to the dedicated forum here. Sharing much of the passion in the SFF world as others, I decided to become more involved even though I was lacking case design skills, but the amount of knowledge and dedication was what amazed me. To me the Ncase M1 is the monument of this awesome but small part of the world.
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