Closed CATZ C1 Case (can bundle with HDPlex 160w) [EU ONLY]

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The CATZ C1 made quite a bit of noise around here for being a nicely designed ITX case. Since then, the creator went AWOL and it is seemingly impossible to get one. I believe only 2 (or 3?) small batches are in existence.

Read more about the case here on SFF Forum. Case is a nice little 5L.

Paid around €160 all in for this case. Not looking to make money, so would take €145 for it, user pays shipping. Just need something with a smaller footprint and more cube-ish for carry on baggage. Sad this didn't meet for potential, so hopefully someone can bring it there.

Included is a small album of the case from when it arrived and some of the hardware kicking around in it. The HDPlex 160w pictured works great and can be included for 60, this includes the genuine HP 230w power brick it is used with.

**NOTE: Says for EU only, but if anyone really wants one overseas and is willing to pay shipping/customs for it - it is yours.

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