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Jan 11, 2017

The SX3 11L is a small case for a high -performance gaming PC. Despite the small volume, you can assemble a fairly powerful PC in it. You can install AIO to cool the CPU and even the video card. Easy enough assembly due to simple design. Fan slots for good ventilation inside the case.
A video card up to three slots thick and up to 305mm long can be installed in the case. There are fasteners for installing a radiator for a liquid cooling system. There are several headphone and microphone jacks on top of the case, as well as a pair of USB 3.0 or 2.0 jacks.

  • Size: 11.2L (152.5mm x 315mm x 234mm)
  • Material: Steel 1mm, Aluminum 1mm
  • MB: mini ITX / mini DTX (170 x 203mm)
  • Cooler: up to 125 mm high
    (from CPU to side cover 128mm)
  • AIO: Radiator max 145x310mm
  • PSU: SFX / SFX-L
  • GPU: up to < 305x130 mm long, three slots
  • Storage: SSD / HDD: 2 x 2.5 " front
    top thickness up to 7mm
  • Fan: 1 rear 92x92x25mm
    may restrict space for installing an AIO radiator
  • Fans: 2 bottom 140x140x25mm or 120mm
    when installing fans, the space for installing a video card decreases in thickness
  • Fans: 2 side 140x140x25mm or 120mm
    Installation Separately or with an AIO radiator. Installing the fan against the Motherboard reduces the space for the Tower Cooler.

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Feb 22, 2020
Alright, I'm hot for trot on this. What colors, how how much, and when can I give you my money?


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Apr 2, 2018
Would it ne possible to mount a slim fan and get the same custom cut outs in the front? Any date for release?