Case search, SFX PSU, ITX GPU, No sandwich layout


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Feb 23, 2019
i tried my luck on reddit with this post on reddit but got no answer, so I hope it's okey to post it here as well.
So looking for case with layout like this: but to accomodate only ITX GPU so it can be shorter(180-190 instead of 280) I tried searching whole taobao thread here, but this is the closest one I found.
My measurment is like:
Height: 203 (2 slot card and mobo) + 63(psu) around 270
Length: 180 (gpu)
Width: 150 (gpu)
Does anyone know about case like this? Thanks for any advice


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Mar 21, 2019
So sort of a smaller Node 202 that doesn’t have the depth for longer standard GPU’s?

Am I reading you right?

Any preference towards built to ideally be used vertically vs horizontally?