Closed case MINI itx 4.0L rev.4

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In the presence of the MINI itx 4.0L rev.4.

- Volume: 4.0L (102mm x 180mm x 220mm)
- Weight 0.8kg
- GPU: length <215mm, height <132mm (ZOTAC GTX 1080ti mini compatible)
- CPU Cooler: up to 38mm (Noctua L9i recommended)
- RAM: up to 42 mm
- Storage: M.2 /1xSSD 2.5"
- PSU: DC-ATX up to 38mm - PicoPSU-160-XT (160W) or G-Unique (from 220W to 400W) (under the order)
- PCIe riser: LiHeat 300mm D.type (included)
- Coating: Black textured powder paint.

Super price $140 and shipping the next day!
- Payment method: PayPal



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Jan 11, 2017
Would you ship this to the US? Also it's just the case right? Or does this include a PSU?
send to any country in the world. The power supply is not included. You can order separately from us.

Cost with delivery 139 $ for the power unit G-Unique 400W. Sending by the end of the month from China.
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