GPU Blower or Open Air GPU (and some other questions)


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May 24, 2017
Hello, I'm building a new PC, it will be my daily computer, but I will also be transporting it to college and various LAN events. the part list is here:
I already have an ssd and hdd, and any other suggestions on parts are appreciated.
My questions are:
1. Should I go with a blower or open air GPU for this build? I hear that blower GPU's will result in cooler temps, but this case seems to have quite a bit of room, so I don't know which option to choose.
2. Because I will be transporting this PC quite frequently, my second concern after cooling is durability. Does anyone with this case know how it handles during transport? Is it even suitable for transport, as I see that is a home theater PC, so it might not be designed to sustain travel? Does anyone have any recommendations for other cases which may be better than the Raven?

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!


Cable Smoosher
May 1, 2017
If you care about size, a RVZ02 should fit all that in a slightly thinner formfactor.

Im not sure about your current case, but the RVZ02 works best with external outtake on the GPU so it works with the build in air filters, the CPU and GPU are in separate compartments so the airflow of the 2 systems dont affect each-other.

From what ive seen that case has been used for LAN builds in the past, and so I would imagine it has decent durability. Again, seeing as you asked for case recommendations, I can say that th RVZ02 has also been used in a tonne of LAN builds in the past and seems pretty well put together. I think it comes with a separate GPU support bit, stopping the GPU from being so loose in the case - on of my biggest concerns when moving computers around.