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Concept Blade: Retro 3d printed STX Case


Cable-Tie Ninja
Original poster
Aug 28, 2016

Hey everyone! I'm starting a new SFF case project, this time centered around the STX form factor. A week ago, I was perusing this forum and retro futurism on reddit, and came up with the idea of this case. I had Fallout 4's artistic style in mind when making the case, inspiring things like the slanted profile and rounded edges.

Space efficiency is, like always, one of the driving factors in the design, but I also wanted to make it easy to 3d print (minimizing >45 degree overhangs when possible), as well as splitting up parts for a smaller print bed, and/or inaccurate printer. This is going to be the first time I've 3d printed a whole case, so it'll definitely be a fun time - but I can't say I'm looking forward to sanding/painting for several hours :(

This pc is just going to be used for web browsing (I'm borrowing the motherboard), so the real priority of this project is the case itself. Because of that, I didn't design any support for GPU mounting, nor support for 2.5'' drives - everything is done on M.2. However, to make the case at least functional, I implemented front IO cutouts as well as a 16mm vandal switch mount.

Here's a quick render of what the case will look like. The spoiler below contains several more renders, and I'll post more details later on this week.


Intel Pentium G4500
Mobo: ASUS H110S2 STX
RAM: 1x4GB Samsung So-Dimm
SSD: 30GB Legacy MLC M.2 Drive
CPU Cooler: Silverstone NT07


PSU: 120w+ DC (19 or 12v) PSU
Fasteners: M5 heat press inserts, assorted M5/M3 Screws
Switch: 16mm LED Switch

My friend was incredibly kind, and lent me the SSD, RAM, CPU Cooler, CPU, and Motherboard for this project! We'll put it to good use! Here are some quick pictures I took (sorry about the scratch in the paper backdrop!)

That's it for now guys! Will post files in the resource section for anyone else interested once I get the 3d printed parts in hand and ensure everything works. I ordered all of the case components off of 3d Hubs last night, so they should be arriving in a few days!! Feel free to ask questions below!


Cable-Tie Ninja
Original poster
Aug 28, 2016
It is STX toaster. Lol

Jokes aside, i really like it.

What filament are you going to use?

Haha, thank you! I'm printing via 3d Hubs (don't get my printer till next month), using ABS Filament. Not sure of the exact brand, but it is being printed on an Ultimaker 2 Extended so hopefully warping should stay at a minimum.

PLA was not an option for me from the start, because of the low glass transition temperature - didn't want the case to start to melt under heavy load. ABS should also be a lot easier to sand/paint compared to PETG, or Nylon, and is cheap!

I love the Art Deco design. I'm a sucker for retro stuff!

Thank ya! I too am a huge fan of that style! I've been hooked ever since I saw a picture of the Mercury Train on /r/retrofuturism.
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