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Jan 29, 2019
I have run into a support issue with my current build. I was going (still hoping) to use an R5 2600 along side an RX Vega 56 on the new asrock stx A300M motherboard from the DeskMini. I knew ahead of time that the 2600 was not officially supported by the A300, but figured that it should be able to work (As far as I can tell there isn't any electronic reason that it couldn't). So I also purchased a 200ge with the intent to use it to simply setup the PC and then swap CPUs and go about my day. Unfortunately, that didn't work, I was able to get the 56 working a the display adapter with no oddities but with the 2600 in the socket the power LED won't even turn on which, according to asrock's troubleshooting material, means no CPU is detected. I am willing to entertain the idea that maybe my 2600 was DOA (unlikely) but I have no means of testing that ATM.

So my questions are:
  1. Does anybody have experience modding a mainboard BIOS?
  2. How likely is it that I could get away with flashing an asrock A320 or B350 BIOS without bricking my board?
  3. Does anyone have any connections/pull with Asrock to maybe get semi-official/not blocking support for the non APU 65W TDP Ryzen parts on the A300M? (Like add the SKUs to the whitelist in BIOS but not "Officially Supported and guaranteed to work")
  4. Or are there enough of us that care to see the above happen that we could all ask them (email/phone) if its something that could be done?
Please don't tell me to just use a 2400g, that's not the point of my build, and I am aware that it may end up being my only option, but I will exhaust every other possibility first.
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Mar 14, 2019

Asrock has a great support, I also wrote them a mail regarding the DeskMini and they responded fast.

I think you should also test a Ryzen 1600 or any other Ryzen 1. Gen
(Since A300 was intended to run these.)