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Dec 20, 2017
Hello everyone!

Since this is my first ever thread, please do correct me. I'm not entirely up to date on the forum rules.

I'll keep the indroduction short. There is a pretty big amount of people struggling with slim fans, for slim cases. I'm not talking 25mm, I'm talking 15mm fans. These 15mm's are generally underpowered in comparison to their bigger counterparts. Especially when comparing the static pressure, which is needed for pushing air through a radiator or other cramped spaces. Normally static pressure fares around 1mmH2O on a slim fan, and 3mmH2O on a 25mm one -- Higher is better.

While I've not done anything major, like buying all the fans I'm going to list from here on, I've done my share of googling for specs. I hope this'll make the life of people googling for "best slim fan" easier, although it might be a little bit of a niche audience, hihi.

- silverstone FW121 35cfm; 1.52mmH2O

This is in my opinion the best standalone fan based on static pressure. Its 15mm.

- Scythe slipstream slim; 45cfm, ~1mmH2O

The reason for listing this one, is that it's 12mm thick, so if you're stuck with less space than 15mm, this would probably be your best bet.

- Cryorig c7; 40.5cfm; 2.8mmH2O

This is the interesting one: while you have to buy the complete set, for around 30$ I think, it's actually a 15mm fan with a ridiculous 2.8mmH2O. I was weirded out when i found this. Why is this the only one with such high static pressure? I don't know. But if you have the money to spare, this is actually the best buy by far. Disclaimer! It doesn't actually officially support mounting with screws, on a case or radiator or something. But I found this video, explaining that it is really easy to fit it on such a place. I don't really know whether it supports push config either, really. Credits, actually, for this whole idea of the cryorig c7 as a standalone slimfan go to Hoosier Hardware:




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Jun 15, 2015
You can't have such a list without the Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM

Also, listing the C7 fan is really weird here because not only it's not 120mm, you cannot buy it separately!