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Selling [AUS] Project mATX, JP Artisan, Lone L3, Ghost S1


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Apr 20, 2017
#1 Project mATX #003 (black, Disassembled)

The case is in good condition, but currently disassembled. You’ll need to source your own 6x32 screws and 9/16in stand-offs, but that really shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive. Most people end up replacing the default screws anyway because the finish on them wasn’t great.

I’ve had the panels re-powder coated but they aren’t 100% perfect – the coverage and texture is good, but there’s a few small splatters of excess coating that you would want to fix to get the case looking 100% again. You could either get the case stripped and recoated, or sand the clumps back yourself and get it recoated. Or of course you could use the case as-in – it definitely still looks pretty great, but I thought I would be as transparent as possible.


#2 JP Artisan case (silver/black)

I have one of these that I purchased from these forums, but haven’t had a chance to build in. It’s got a couple of small blemishes in the anodizing finish, but they’re pretty hard to notice. Photos attached below.


#3 Lone Industries L3 (black)

Another case I acquired but haven’t had a chance to build in. In perfect condition, except for a missing rubber foot (the feet are stick-on). The person I bought it off gave me a pack of replacement feet in a slightly different style, so I'll include these for you too.

The white specs and dark marks you can see in the photos are just bits of dust and fingerprints - not paint chips or damages to the anodizing. Wow these things are hard to keep clean!


#4 Ghost S1 (silver, w/ 2x L Tophats and 2x Grills)

Still hasn't been built in. I've unboxed it to check the finish, and it's flawless inside and out. Checking through receipts, I'm looking to recoup what I paid for it.

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Apr 20, 2017
Sorry for the lack of replies. I'll get in touch with each person when I get back from a work trip on Monday (silly time for me to bump my post tbh)

I can definitely take more photos of the mATX, and I'll consider the above buyer of the S1 as first in line for that and will pm you some pictures too

I'm happy to post internationally but the mATX case mayyy be tricky due to being disassembled, but I'll try think of something to make it work :)


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Oct 11, 2015
Please excuse the small thread hijack, I will be out of here in but a moment
@fleetfeather, nice collection of cases for sale. I CAN'T look, I'll be tempted again... which brings me onto

I see you also have a case buying problem. We should start a support group.
@Kmpkt - 'tis done... the Support Group is open for business, the good Doctor will see you now
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Aug 7, 2018
Hey fleet, what's the internal layout of the JP? also are you Australia based or just on OCAU?