TechPowerUp At Stock All-Core Boost, i9-11900KF "Rocket Lake" Hits 98°C with 360mm AIO CLC Under Stress

Intel's 11th Gen Core "Rocket Lake-S" processor is shaping up to be one hot chip. Enthusiasts on Chinese tech forum ChipHell with access to a Core i9-11900KF sample report, that when stressed at [apparently] stock settings, in which the processor hits its all-core boost frequency of 4.80 GHz, even a 360 mm all-in-one liquid CPU cooler struggles to keep the chip from hitting 100 °C, with core temperatures reaching 98 °C. The i9-11900KF comes with a disabled iGPU, which means all of its heat is generated by the core and uncore components of the GPU. AIDA64 was used, to apply multi-threaded stress on the processor (the burn-in test), while CPU-Z reports a core voltage of 1.401 V, it's not known whether this is a manual setting, the chip's VID, or whether the motherboard is trying to stabilize the 4.80 GHz clocks.



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May 18, 2020
Yea, I'm guessing 'apparently at stock settings' is completely wrong.

Guessing, at a minimum, the clock on tau was disabled, this is sustained PL1 which would not be at all 'stock' behavior. Probably more is going on, as motherboard AIBs love to alter the default performance parameters of Intel CPUs to make their boards run faster on benchmarks. The included AIDA graph shows 30 minutes of run time with no ramp-up, or even heat-soak of the CLC visible. So more here is going on.

To heat soak a 360mm CLC with a 125W CPU would take at least 5 minutes, and Tau is not even a minute.
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May 9, 2015
I would indeed suspect "Core Enhancement" or another automatic power limit boosting feature is enabled by default.