Prototyping ASRock X299E-ITX water block, SFFLAB x EKWB

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    Hey all,

    SFFLAB has just wrapped up at CES, and boy have we been busy. There's a neat update on a project we'll be sharing pretty soon, but with the moment of free time I had now I figured I could share one of the smaller (pun intended) things we've also been working on.

    A while back we reached out to EK to see if they would be open to working with us, to develop a water block for the ASRock X299E-ITX, my personal favorite motherboard. Happily they agreed, and just yesterday we were able to grab a prototype! Check it out:


    To be sure, this block is a prototype in every sense of that word; there would be pretty significant changes to the block itself, and we'd expect the final version to reflect the new design language of the Velocity line (work on the block pre-dates the launch of Velocity).

    What do you think?
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    Exactly what I wanted. Bitspower block kinda off the minimal style, love this one, even if it's not final.
    But if it's too late I think I'll go for satellite blocks for the VRM...
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    How would this compare to the Bitspower block? Without the fascia it was a pretty nice block - some flame polishing on the acrly would work a treat :p

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