News Asrock mATX X399 / mATX X299 / Z370 MicroSTX

ASRock X399M Taichi
ASRock X299M Extreme4
Z370 DeskMini GTX

To show off at CES 2018.

I know some of you have been waiting for these for a while!

Cerberus Threadripper finally doable :)

Would have loved to see 10GbE on them, since the AQ107 chipset has been shipping for a while. But I guess we can't have everything. At least there's extra PCIe slots to put an AQ107 in.


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Nov 11, 2015
Pretty sure I posted this here already, wondering if it was taken down...?

And if it was taken down, WHY...? And why no notification on taking down a post, just Oh Dark Thirty Redacting...?

The pic posted is totally relevant in regards to the ASRock DeskMini lineup, as the prototype chassis is the Silverstone RVZ04, specifically designed for the ASRock DeskMini hardware...

Admins / Mods, let me know what the issue is here, please...!

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Jun 1, 2017
Are there any confirmations yet if the USB 3.1 gen2 of the X299M Extreme4 will offer power delivery and / or DisplayPort ?


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Nov 11, 2015
No post in this thread (by you or anyone for that matter!) was taken down @Boil . It could have been a glitch in the matrix, or your browser didn't complete the posting process properly.

Had to be some really weird glitch then, because I originally posted a day or so ago, and saw my posting hours later when checking for any update about the Z370 DeskMini...

But to keep on topic, the Z370 DeskMini sounds great, just hope those prices can come down a bit...?

Here is hoping Silverstone is going to go forward with the RVZ04...


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Aug 18, 2016

unless case companies start making cutouts elsewhere under the board
(I wouldn't mind that actually as long as it doesn't buckle under the weight of some heavier motherboards or get shorted by anything else dangling behind)