.SKP Asetek 545LC 2018-05-06

92mm AIO

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    Hey there,
    do the following steps in order to convert your Sketchup file to a stl one and then try opening it in SolidWorks or CATIA.

    1) Download sketchup software here: https://www.sketchup.com/sketchup/SketchUpPro-en-exe

    2) Install and open the Sketchup 2018 .exe

    3) After clicking " Start using sketchup pro 2018" and choosing a template, it will finally run!

    4) Download STL extension from here:

    5) from the running sketchup program, go through this directory:
    Windows> Extensions Manager> Install Extension

    6) Then put the stl extension file you've just downloaded in the browse box and click ok.

    7) Now open your sketchup file and through this directory convert it to a stl file:
    File> Export STL.

    8) inport it in Solidworks

    hope it helps.
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