Apple M0110 - Alps SKCC Lock switch mod


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Jun 29, 2015
Hi folks, I'm a happy user of an Apple M0110 keyboard that I converted using Hasu's TMK converter.

While I love this keyboard, I really couldn't stand the physically locking Caps Lock (that I use as the Ctrl key). The switch used is the vintage Alps SKCC Lock, that has a physical locking mechanism:

Lowpoly observed that the SKCC Lock switch stem is shorter than the other switches stem and as a consequence the Caps Lock keycap as a longer mounting point to compensate:

[Image courtesy of Lowpoly]

[Image courtesy of Lowpoly]

If you want to use a standard SKCC in place of the SKCC Lock switch, you have to dremel the Caps Lock keycap ... I do not like the idea of damaging it o_O

My idea is a very simple. This humble mod consists in opening the switch to remove the locking mechanism (the bended yellow wire and the small brown lug).

[Image courtesy of Deskthority]

The "big" easily noticable tabs are for the plate mounting. To open the switch you have to slightly release the very small tabs on the other sides (be careful as they are fragile).

Then you just have to reassemble the switch. The real plus of this solution is that you can still reverse the mod and go back to the vanilla locking switch and the keycap remains untouched.

Enjoy :p !

Note: I had to desolder the switch to open it as the plate blocks the tabs if you don't.
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May 9, 2015
Very cool, who would have thought back then we'd be modding keyboards today, using old school switches ?