Enclosure Any smaller/better HTPC cases?


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Sep 7, 2017
I am looking for the smallest case I can find for my HTPC. I have an ASRock H97M-ITX/AC mini-ITX Board and an i3-4160 and only a single SSD for storage to go in it.

So far, the smallest case I can find is the Realan T3 case. If there is nothing smaller or better I will end up going with that.

Nice to Have: - Slim or full 5.25" bay. Slot load drives are pricey, even a slim optical bay would save some money. - Dust filters (I know I can add them after the fact) - Room for a future low profile graphics card. The ML06/ML06-E has this already so I know it is possible in this size.

Budget: $200 for case, PSU.


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Feb 26, 2016
Looked on my database i keep:

Tendraw H124: 6.5 Liter
1 3.5 bay, 1 slot DVD, 55mm CPU clearance, 1 low profile slot, but needs external PSU and only has a single 60mm fan

In Win BM series: 6.8 liter
1 3.5, 1 2.5, 1 full 5.25 bay, 2 low profile PCI slots, Flex internal PSU, 80mm slim fan

They're bigger than the T3, but it doesnt have PCI slot i guess.