Concept Another E-ATX chassis idea


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May 18, 2016
My head is often full of ideas and I am often chasing the 20L-ish ATX-ish chassis concepts. I can't model :( but I have what I think are great ideas and might be able to fund and this drives me somewhat stir crazy.

Edit: actually, I just found someone who will make pictures for me :)

Take a look at the arrangement at -- I discovered this only after I wrote up my case, so I am not here to steal it. Especially because only the "video card is parallel to the motherboard on the left side" is the same.

Most importantly I'd put the SFX PSU to the bottom and stand the video card on it. The "lip" of the video card would be trapped between the PSU and the case, probably using a silicon frame like those used for noise dampening. Since the ATX standard allows for 0.6" component height in the card area, we know there is that much space at least between the PSU top and the video card bottom meaning there will be enough space to put 2.5" disks vertically below the video card on the front. This cage could also support the video card physically with the right rubber standoff. Since the video card is vertical and supported on both ends, the PCI bracket screw is not weight bearing, it's just securing the card from sliding, the way I imagine there'd be a wide cut so any width video card can be accomodated. Unlike the standard, this would require a nut for the video card screws and no bracket covers. Oh well. We just have a three slot wide hole in the back.

The case height is defined by 305mm motherboard + 63.5mm PSU + 15mm at the top. 383mm high.

The case width should be 147mm. It's a very curious length: it actually drives the case design. 6.35 standoff height + 1.57 motherboard thickness + 7.781 CPU height +131mm cooler = 146.701mm. There is enough space for low profile cards without risers and even a three slot video card with a riser.

The case depth should be something enough for some of the longest cards, so about 340mm. Internally we are looking at 20L-ish.

The front and top of the case, if the motherboard is just ATX deep fits two 5.25" bay sized 2.5" hotswap cages -- vertically. That's a lot of hot swap storage. If this is not utilized we could stand 3.5" disks on top of the 2.5" cage on the bottom, there's enough space between the motherboard and the video card without interfering with the low profile cards.

All in all, 20L-ish internal size, any motherboard, any SFX-L PSU, both the video card and the CPU cooler gets direct fresh air, there's space for a lot of 2.5" disks and depending on the MB depth one or two 5.25" bay sized 2.5" hot swap cages.

Would there be interest...?