Anandtech [AnandTech] Samsung Demos Its First BGA SSD: 1500 MB/s Read Speed and Tiny Package

In the recent years SSDs in M.2 form-factor have greatly reduced the amount of space required for storage sub-systems inside modern PCs. However, as computers get even smaller, there is pressure for SSDs to further shrink as well. Solid-state drives in BGA packaging are considerably smaller than SSDs in M.2 form-factor and for a couple of years platform developers like Intel have been promoting such drives among PC makers. Intel said in 2014 that an M.2-2260 SSD could take 15% of space inside a 2-in-1 hybrid PC, whereas usage of a BGA SSD could save a great amount of space and could allow to increase battery size by around 10%. Moreover, in many cases usage of BGA storage can shrink Z-height of devices as well as improve thermal performance compared to M.2 modules, according to Intel.
The only thing that is known about the SSD right now is that it is smaller than an SD card

This isn't meant for the ever swapping enthusiast. But you have to say having a single chip that gives 1500MB/s read and 512GB of storage in a tiny size certainly is SFF to the max.

Imagine a Intel Skull Canyon NUC not with two M.2 slot but with two of these and shrink another 0.2L or add something instead of it!


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May 9, 2015
Awesome stuff, it only goes to show why M.2 is the future for consumers.
SD cards with insane sizes and speeds, even micro-SD, are also getting huge steps forward in size/performance and size/storage.