An update on SFF.N availability

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Hey all,

Just wanted to share a quick update regarding site performance. Over the past week or so we've observed a significant increase in traffic, peaking earlier today. Unfortunately, that peak ultimately overwhelmed our server, causing significant outages for many.

I'm sincerely apologetic that our availability has been impacted; moments of peak traffic are obviously the worst time for an outage, and I am incredulous when our availability isn't something that the community can take for granted.

The good news is we've taken remedial steps to quash a majority of the outages. Performance remains quite slow at the current level of traffic, but folks should be able to use the forum. In addition, we are already performing additional work that will more fully remediate the stability and performance issues seen today.

Our thanks goes out to current and new community members alike for your patience as we catch up to the big demand for small things – we really do appreciate it.

UPDATE: SFF.N will be offline intermittently for planned maintenance in order to improve performance. We expect these periods to be brief.

UPDATE 2: SFF.N has been stable for a number of days now, so we've pulled down this notice for the time being. Thanks again to the community!

– Joshua
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