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AMD is getting ready to kick off CES 2023. I’ll be posting live updates as it happens. Keep refreshing this article as it happens. Also check out the SFFN Discord for live discussion of the event.
Update 1: The opening of the conference reminds me incredibly of the 3dFX Voodoo graphics ads from back in the day. I’m really hoping they’ll suddenly rip a chip out of someone’s hand and say “but we decided to use the tech for games!”
Update 2: They did not make it funny. I’m sad. Also they introduction has started with AMD patting themselves on the back about their tech. They’re also reading off Lisa Su’s biography and resume.

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Sep 6, 2022
Excellent, hopefully soon the 5800X3D will drop in price as well.
I have a feeling they will cease production of the 5800X3D around the launch of the 7xxxX3D rather than drop it's price. Just my opinion, no source to back it up.
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May 9, 2015
Oh I don't mind buying second hand, but these are almost as expensive used as new. I expect this to change soon.