Selling Aluminum Thin Mini ITX HTPC chassis, 60mm fans, slim Blu Ray drive

Feel free to make an offer on anything. Accepting Paypal only.

1) Aluminum TM-ITX HTPC case

Made of 2-3mm aluminum, very nice quality. Comes with x1 riser, x4 riser (that I converted to open ended), and CPU cooler (similar to the Silverstone NT07). Has space for motherboard, single/1.5 slot low profile expansion card, 2x 3.5" hard drives, 1x 2.5" hard drive, 2x 60mm fans and slim Blu Ray player. $50 + shipping

2) Silenx IXP 60x25mm 8 dBa fan. 2 available, $5/ea + shipping

3) CA-30N slim Blu Ray player with slim SATA power cord. Clicks as it plays, not sure if it's normal or not, can't really recognize it during playback, but I'm knocking down the price for it. - $20 + shipping