AIO Cooler with Flexible Tubing (Ncase M1)


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Oct 17, 2016
I'm planning on putting a 240mm radiator AIO into my incoming Ncase M1. I've only recently gotten into AIO usage, and have done a handful of installs using the Corsair h100v2 which has very inflexible tubing. Its been fine in larger cases, but I know for the Ncase I'll need a much more flexible kit.

I checked out the Ncase compatibility spreadsheet, bu wasn't able to find a whole lot of the latest AIOs listed.

Can anyone here recommend an AIO with flexible tubing for use in a very tight case? I was looking at the Masterliquid Pro (non sleeved), but thought I'd check here first.

Thanks so much!


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Jan 19, 2017
Get yourself a fractal kelvin. Its expandable. Get new fittings new tube and reuse the coolant that's already in it. It's a great little piece of equipment.
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