Prototype 9L vertical case that supports long 3 slot graphics card


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Sep 24, 2016
This would be dope in a ATX Psu model, I wouldn't mind the extra size, I know it goes against the small form, but it's much easier to find an atx psu than an SFX, plus the extra width would allow for taller coolers like nh-l12s , just my thoughts

Yeah, I've considered a wider version with NH-L12S and 140mm top fan support at several points. ATX support would come natively in that form factor but it would be limited to 14cm depth units and almost certainly require custom cables made to length as there would be zero space left to put excess cables.

But in the end, I liked the proportions less as it became a bit too 'fat' to my liking.

Now for a little progress update. Top, bottom and front panel have been cut, The back panel will be ready in about 10 minutes. Still have some work with the magnets but the end is near now. Stay tuned for more pictures once the panels are ready!
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