5.37L Aluminum extrusion Frame

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    Check the google drive folder, im adding components so you can make your own covers.

    GOOGLE DRIVE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1baZ41_omjnPZToynwCFiMvHn5-nhykog?usp=sharing

    Components in the drive:
    Frame: Makerbeam 1010
    Top cover: Used so you can make your own cover or even use an Acrylic Sheet

    Max GPU length is 215mm (Zotac 1080 ti mini)

    PSU: FSP 500w GOLD Flex atx (do not buy the Platinum)

    I will not be releasing the Panels since its still a work in progress. i do not have access to my 3D printer at this time.

    Please feel free to download and make your own panels and post them here.


    EDIT: Use this PSU to save you time and the hassle of sleeving the cables but the case needs to be slightly redesigned http://www.geeekstore.com/shop/custom-flex-atx-modular-psu/

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    It looks very nice, and I always love to see flexATX concepts.

    The pic is a little confusing as I'm not sure which is the GPU and which is the PSU. Where does the power plug go?

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    the GPU is in the back corner, i used a Gigabyte 1080 mini as a reference.


    heres an earlier draft. the PSU is under the SSD
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    Looks super clean.

    Are makerbeams pre-tapped at the ends to fit those corner connector cubes? I was considering doing a similar project, but combined with some 3d printed parts to give it a different outward aesthetic.

    edit: I looked through Makerbeam's catalogue to find that they *are* pre-tapped, that'll be super convenient.

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    I'm going to be uploudiup the frame with the SFX PSU later today.

    EDIT: It should be up one the google drive

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    [​IMG] would this be a Would this be a good idea? 240x320x100= 7.68L
    makes for a better CPU cooler and what not


    Same specs different PSU layout but harder to work with

    Here you go a video of the one on the first post
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    The system in my sig uses my case with a similar design. But 320mm is nearly impossible; 345mm or so is the absolute minimum when the riser and PCI-E tabs are taken into account, unless you let the riser go over the motherboard.

    The layout after it would be perfect for sticking a radiator on top...up to 2x140mm if done properly. That could be very interesting.

    240mm is an odd length, though. It's not enough for a full-size GPU, but is a bit "too large" for mini ones.
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    1010 aluminum profile quite hard to get. how to you manage to get one ?
    i used a 2020 aluminum profile to make my SFF case.

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    There's only 2 manufacturers, MakerBeam and MicroRax. MicroRax will be cheaper because of the precut lengths.

    My first design from over a year ago was using 2020 but i was wasting over a liter of space so now to make it smaller
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    This is beautiful! I'm working on something similar, and this is a great inspiration.
    Also, thanks for sharing that PSU. I wasn't aware of it, and I think it could be perfect for me.
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    This can turn out to be a good alternative to GEEEK cases if you can customize the panel materials and size of the case. 10mm beams is also less added bulk compared to 20mm, important for cases this small.

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    Once I test fit and what not, I'll release all the CAD files and try to sell it as a kit for people that don't have 3D printers
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    loved this one, GREAT STUFF

    eazy peazy for fat vgas.
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    Yes I spent days until I found Makerbeam make 1010 T/V-slot profiles
    There are re-sellers, but I found their original shop www.makerbeam.com to be the best considering prices & availability.
    Though shipping (within EU for me) could be cheaper (it's 15eur), still it's ok if you can get everything you need in one order.

    Btw I found also Makeblock make some nice Alu-profiles with various & thinner profiles like 0412, 0808 & 0824, that also seem to be compatible with each other. Also the 0412 has a 1mm groove, so when you mount it to a 0808 profile it only adds 3mm extra thickness.
    Makeblock seem perhaps a little more expensive (not too much imo), but most re-sellers have some parts out-of-stock that you might need to wait a month or so until delivered :/
    Makeblock's EU site (if that's your area) is to be opened soon (whatever 'soon' means), but I think
    have decent stock & prices.
    I don't know if these are the best shops to order online (esp. for everyone's location - perhaps not), but I share them as a faster starting point (comparison) - no advertisement intended! :)
    If you know better online store for EU, please let me know!


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    Hmm I need to look into this.
  17. ckaym

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    I took a look at that ChartUp site you linked in the google drive folder. Would you happen to know any similar services in the US? I tried looking into MicroRax, but their website is very inconsistent for me, and I don't know if they also tap or cut threads into the ends of custom cut beams.

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    As far as US sellers, it's only MicroRax(their website is highly unreliable), they don't tap them due to the different style of aluminum extrusion. So they use corners like this.

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    Aw that's disappointing, I wanted to try out an idea inspired from yours but with using the threaded ends of the beams to attach the acrylic panels. I'll probably send an e-mail to ChartUp later to see if they might ship outside the EU.