Closed 4.8 GHz 6600k, EVGA Z170 Classified K


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Sep 22, 2016
I have for sale a 6600k, and an EVGA Z170 Classified K. Would be great for a Cerberus-X build (which I had planned), but my car and school/work computer both need parts, so some of the toys have to go (it was either this or the S4M-C, and I know I'd regret that more).

$140 for CPU, $125 for mobo shipped CONUS from Louisville, KY. Not willing to ship international at this time. I will invoice the buyer via PayPal and ship to a confirmed address.

Processor is 24/7 stable at 4.8 GHz all-core, 1.375v, 4.2GHz cache 24/7. Processor was delidded with Rockit Cool tool, exposed contacts on PCB coated with silicone conformal coating, Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut applied to die and IHS, and sealed with superglue at the corners—runs wonderfully.

Motherboard is complete, no bent pins, all accessories included except for manual. All boxes included, but processor will ship in the socket.

Processor will boot at 4.9 and 5GHz, but is not long-term stable and requires far too much voltage. At 4.8GHz all-core, 1.375v, 4.2GHz cache, CPU package temps never exceed 60C (in 24.5C ambient, 31C idle temps; so a 29C delta) on Realbench with fans at 100% speed. Temps are comparable when gaming (a more realistic load) with auto-curve set.
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