3D printed 120mm fan adapter for wraith spire.


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Mar 16, 2017
I couldn't find anything online for a fan adapter for my wraith spire so I made a adapter. its about 9mm thick but only 6mm is added to the face of the heat sink.

below shown with a low profile 140mm fan for the heck of it as I dont' have any slim 120's

I coulda maybe made it thinner but I'd worry about screw clearance on the face but with a 120mm fan I think the total bottom of the heatsink to the top of the 25mm thick fans its around... 69-72mm.

Haven't tested if theres any gains as well... I'd have to pull out my motherboard to put the back plate back on... if someone with a test bench wants to give it a spin go ahead! Might be a workable alternative for some folks.

Also if someone has a stealth see if it all fits though I can imagine ram clearance might be a issue.


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Sep 5, 2019
So by design a fan doesn't have great airflow where the centre is and it generally gets better towards the outside.

A guggestion for a mk2 would be to extend the "funnel" section all the way out to the edge of the fan but with a less steep shelf as currently there will be a lot of wasted air and with the gaps around the edges there will also be a pressure loss allowing air to pass by the fins and escape around the heatsink.

It will work as it is, but with a little mod, could be MUCH more efficient.