Concept 13-14L, Air Cooled, 3-slot GPU, sfx power supply


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Jul 17, 2017
I lost hope that small graphics cards will come back any time soon, so I started looking for an air cooled case that supports the enormous graphics cards that are on the market or soon to be and also, one that fit the enormous CPU air coolers as well. I was disappointed in the cases I have found so far.
Here are the things I was looking for:
  • minimal desk footprint - GPU in vertical orientation
  • space for big air coolers - noctua nh-D15, Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro, Scythe Fuma 2 etc.
  • space for big 3-slot GPUs
  • windowed side panel to show off the components
  • airflow and ventilation to feed the big coolers
The cases I have found just don't quite fit what I have in mind. I like the vertical cases like the Silverstone ft03 mini, the Phanteks Evolv Shift, and the NZXT H1, but these cases don't allow for big air coolers on the CPU, and they won't fit the really big GPU's either. I used my limited skills in sketchup to show the layout I've been thinking of. The sketchup model uses some parts I just found, including the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro. This CPU cooler is used in the model to convey the general idea. I recently built a computer for my friend in the Phanteks Evlolv Shift Air, and I really liked how the mesh side panel allowed the GPU to breathe. I had this in mind for the GPU side of this case. The windowed side would probably also need some vent holes along the edge for the GPU to exhaust it's hot air.

For reference, the dimensions are 220mm x 185mm x 332mm.
GPU is 327mm long and 141mm tall. 3 slots wide
case fan is 140mm.

let me know what you think, or even better, if anybody is already making this.

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