Completed 10L Wooden Case


Cable-Tie Ninja
Original poster
Aug 28, 2016
Hey guys!

I want to share a new case project I just finished. It’s 10L and made of laser cut panels. I discovered “living hinges” (google it) while browsing the internet last week and immediately became obsessed with the idea of forming wood into large radius bends. After a few test pieces I came up with a pattern that could be applied to a computer case.

I designed the case as a sheet metal part with my desired bend radii plugged into the CAD program. This allowed me to unfold each bent section into a flat sheet and export the pattern for laser cutting. I’m super happy with the result! Its small footprint is great for my dorm room and keeps my 1600 AF and GTX 1050 nice and cool (I’m running a 120mm intake and 2x 80mm exhaust). The case makes for a great monitor stand.

I made a few other wood cases that I could post photos of (not sure if people are interested in this sort of thing). Later this week, I hope to experiment with combining powder coated steel panels/frame and a nice wood fascia (something like maple or cherry). If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! Have a great day!



By Toutatis!
SFFn Staff
Apr 4, 2016
Ha I still remember your previous project - the console-styled case! Nice work as usual on this one!