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Hey, friends! I fell in love with making custom cables during my Winter One build, and decided to produce a few more sets for the community.


Cable Info​

  • Compatible with all Corsair SFX PSUs (Type-4 Cables), including Platinum-rated units that make use of sense wires;
  • Wire is 18AWG, silver-plated stranded copper with pearlescent, translucent Teflon insulation;
  • All connectors are from Mainframe Customs;
  • Mini-Fit Jr. Pins are from MODDIY (single-wire, short wings) and Mainframe Customs (double-wire, tall wings); Micro-Fit /
  • Every crimp has been made by hand, and meets the official Molex specification;
  • Pins were crimped to match the expected routing of individual wires, so each cable holds its shape with very little internal stress;
  • Unless otherwise noted, all wires in a cable are the same length, measured from masters for consistency;
  • Continuity and voltage at all pins is validated by multimeter and every cable (see compatibility notes for one exception) is tested in a running system;
🚨 Before buying, please thoroughly review the Compatibility section to ensure the cables you want will work in your build!


Please check back for updates! I may proactively make more popular cables, but will not take custom or pre-orders.

124-pin ATX10–17cm$35
04+4-pin EPS24cm$15
08-pin PCIe28cm$15
06+2-pin PCIe28cm$15
1Nvidia 12-pin30cm$20
Custom BuildStarting at $15


(Sorry for the grainy photos. My iPhone had a hard time with the flat colors!)


All cables are designed to work with most sandwich style cases!

I don't have an exact compatibility chart, but as they're sold, we can figure out what kinds of changes (if any) are required for broader compatibility or tighter fit. However, there are some known constraints:
  1. The 24-pin cables will only work with the PSU fan facing outwards, and in a “normal” orientation (the Formd T1's inverted layout and the XTIA Proto's 90º orientation will not work). The Dan A4 and Ghost S1 are great examples of the traditional sandwich layout.
  2. The 12-pin cables are long enough for any 30-series card, but may interfere with the rear fan if you have super-limited clearance.
  3. If your EPS connector is directly above the motherboard's rear I/O, it may need to be placed in the nearest PCIe/EPS slot on the PSU to reach comfortably.
  4. I do not have access to a 30-series GPU, so I haven't been able to verify the proprietary connector, nor electrically test these. First person to request one will receive it for free, as a thank-you for validating the fit + pinout from Nvidia.
  5. Cables were originally measured in the Winter One, but I looked at photos and dimensions for many other sandwich style cases, in the process.
  6. If you're unsure about fitment, take a spare length of wire and route it from the PSU to a component in the most direct way possible. Measure the resulting length, and if it's less than or equal to the listed length, these cables will likely fit.


Cables are as priced, plus flat-rate shipping via USPS padded mailer. A complete set is $99, and ships for free (USA only, sorry). Complete “forever sets” include one of each type of cable (1 x 24-pin, 1 x EPS, 1 x 8-PCIe, 1 x 6+2-pin PCIe, 1 x Nvidia 12-pin, 1 x AUX). No complete set remains, but it's on my to-do list to produce more. Additional cables can be added to a set (i.e. a third 8-pin cable), and will ship for free.

Payments (PayPal G+S/Invoice only) completed by Thursdays at midnight PDT will ship Fridays.

If you have any questions, please ask! Buy with confidence: I'll rebuild anything that doesn't fit or function as expected.


Although I guarantee the workmanship of these cables (and will replace anything arriving defective or damaged), I may not be held liable for damage resulting from the use of custom cables in your system. As with any modifications, use of custom cables may void the warranty of your components.

Future Plans​

Based on the response, here are the next things I'm considering:
  • More 12-pin cables, perhaps purpose-built for 3080 (and up, angled connector) and 3070 (and below, orthogonal connector)
  • SATA and other novel combination AUX connectors
  • Support for other popular PSUs, including EVGA, Silverstone, and the new Cooler Master or Lian-Li lines
  • Figuring out on-demand production flows for one-off orders
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