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Stalled Сase MINI 3.6L by Custom_MOD


The builder of unique cases ...
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Jan 11, 2017
🆕New possibilities for ordering a case.

Today we will tell you about some of the changes.

What can we offer:
▶ ️Make the body to the desired size.
You can take an existing model as a basis and change its size or make a case according to your requirements.
▶ ️Made of different material and thickness.
It could be Steel, Aluminum or even Titanium!
▶ ️Add a window made of Acrylic or Glass.
▶ ️Cut out your logo in metal and add backlighting.
▶ ️ Let's paint in the color you want.
We have gloss, mat, texture paints in different colors according to the RAL catalog. There are also metallics and varnishes.
▶ ️Set the button and different USB connectors in the desired location and quantity.
💶The cost of the case under the order is calculated individually after agreement.

👨‍🔧We will be happy to make you something unique!

Link to our store.


The builder of unique cases ...
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Jan 11, 2017
😥😥😥December 1, 2021 my dear assistant and wife Julia died ... She was only 31 years old, but she looked 18!
She was everything to me in this life: my wife, faithful friend, right hand in our business. She always supported me, no matter how difficult it was, she never complained about the lack of money and the associated inconvenience. She believed and supported me in all my endeavors, when I was a builder, when I decided to blog on YouTube and when I started making mini-enclosures. He was a bright and cheerful person, albeit with many illnesses. I was happy to live with Yulia these wonderful 10 years of marriage.
She helped me in everything, filled out your orders, wrote letters to you and answered your questions. Packed the cases nicely. Many people remember these bows, right? She also handled the paperwork for sending parcels abroad and did many more small things for our common business ...
As for me.
It was an unexpected and powerful blow. Yes, I am writing this text and it may be strange, but this makes it easier for me. I am not discouraged as much as possible in such a situation. I feel your support even when you just like it❤️. I will continue to work after a while. I hope for your support and understanding. I will collect some orders and send them later. For the sake of my beloved Julia, I will continue our work, I promise you.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, be healthy and happy.


King of Cable Management
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Oct 11, 2015
I am so sorry to hear your devastating news, that is a huge shock. Please accept my deepest condolences to you and your family at this painful time.
Wishing you strength from far away in the UK
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Cable-Tie Ninja
Mar 13, 2018
PayPal now works in Ukraine!

Our paypal: custommodsff@gmail.com

I really don't know how the situation is right now, but I wish @sergiiua all the best for his company, his life and the life and future of his country. I did one last Video in the Custom_Mod FX 4.5L I had in my shelf which now has a new happy owner. Its a beautiful system which really shows the DIY 2022 SFF spirit in all its facets and beauty. :) Hope you like the build! <3