z-case p50

  1. BernardoZ

    Looking for german-speaking helper

    Hello guys! As some of you know, me and my team have been working on a SFF PC Case for quite some time now (check my Signature link). We aim to Kickstarter our project on early July of this year, and things have been working quite nicely. We also have some really exciting news that we haven't...
  2. BernardoZ

    Stalled Z-CASE P50 v1.1: Innovative console-style SFF PC case

    IMPORTANT (September 5): We are not associated with SFFTEC anymore, and we don't intend to sell another P50 batch. So for now, this thread should be focused on eventual reviews only. Z-CASE P50 is an innovative console-style SFF PC case, manufactured by Jonsbo with premium materials. At 7.9L...