1. BaK

    Multiple bluetooth gamepads

    Hi! I'm injoying playing games on Windows 10, especially with a wireless gamepad. Right now I have a DualShock 4 controller (latest version), paired as a bluetooth device and then emulated as an XBOX controller thanks to DS4Windows. Everything works fine except one thing, there no sound coming...
  2. G

    Motherboard X570 Bifurcation

    Is there a list of motherboards that support bifurcation? Specifically X570 or alternative AM4 chipset motherboards? I've looked through a few motherboard manuals and don't see this option specifically listed. I have a challenging wireless environment in my house, and no easy way to run ethernet...
  3. BrotherStein

    Accessory Smallest Dual Band Antenna

    I did some searching, but didn't find much on the SFF Forum. Most antenna that people were using were the small "stubby" options which worked great. However, I wanted similar size with dual band capabilities. Two inches isn't too bad at all. These were the smallest I could find...