vertical case


    Concept RCC-BIG1EVO | vertical industrial style 12L case

    REVOCCASES BIG1EVO Specs (may change / to be discussed): Size: 374H x 173W x 183D (11.84L) Orientation: vertical Material: space gray metallic powder coated aluminum Motherboard I/O: at the back for easy access GPU I/O: at the bottom (pigtail cables necessary) Dual chamber design...
  2. dieaready

    Prototype Updraft - 16.8L vertical chimney for large air coolers

    I'm relatively new to the SFF world and I've not been able to find a case to my preference so I decided to design my own. I prefer air coolers and am fairly obsessed with efficiency, so my focus is on a case that would fit the biggest air coolers with no thermal recirculation, especially between...

    .STEP REVOCCASES BIG2 Modular Case Concept Rev. 1.1

    CAD files for REVOCCASES RCC-BIG2 V1.0 free to use for personal projects enjoy...
  4. ZS-Cases

    Production ZS Cases - ZS ST V1 - Update 4/18

    ZS Cases is proud to introduce our latest concept case - ZS Vertical (name to be determined) ZS ST V1. Please watch this space for all future updates on this case (PCIE 4.0, accessories, pricing etc.) If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us via website.

    Production RCC-BIG2 | vertical small footprint BTO case | support for 280mm AIOs or tall air coolers

    RCC-BIG2 is a simple and customizable BTO (build-to-order) case with traditional layout (no riser cable required). Features of the case: vertical or horizontal orientation traditional layout, no riser cable flexible size / volume different vent hole designs to fit your taste W x D x H can be...