1. Crossfire Machines

    Enclosure ITX / SFF Case Contest #1 - Chieftec BT-04B-U3

    In the following test I take a closer look at the BT-04B-U3 from Chieftec, a compact ITX case with handle and already installed SFX power supply. Mirror for all pictures can be found here Iam not a native english speaker, so bear with my mistakes :D German Version can be found here and here...
  2. M

    Cryorig C7 vs. Noctua L9i (with and without fan duct)

    Hi team, I considered the C7 and the L9i for a DAN A4 SFX v3 build. I didn't know which one I would prefer so I tried both. I'm sharing my findings in case it helps someone. TL;DR: If you can tolerate the weird fan noise get the C7. Otherwise get the L9i but make a fan duct. Temperature I...