1. C

    Enclosure I want this beautifully crafted case. Anyone make anything on par or do similar custom CNC?

    Just need to get over the color, but other than that this is a case that I really want (a black one would simply be amazing): It's neat that the perforated and tempered glass panels are interchangeable front and back for ideal ventilation...
  2. nero626

    Log Phat Aircooling Sunmilo C01s Build Log

    Earlier last year AMD and Nvidia had my jaw dropped with the new 5000 series ryzen and 3000 series RTX, I knew it was time to upgrade, but my old build had a full custom loop, I didn't really want to maintain a loop again, pump was screaming at certain RPM, the blocks started discolorating, who...
  3. K

    Sunmilo T03 - 10.5L w/ 240mm AIO and 1080Ti

    Today finally finished downsizing my build. Was hoping to be the first or almost the first in the english-speaking internet to make a build log with this case, but couple people finished several days earlier. Current specs: Case: Sunmilo T03 A4 (10.5L) MB: Asus Maximus Impact 7 CPU: 4790k GPU...