smol x1

  1. Joonst

    Concept 3.69L Smol X1 Mini. Smallest case in the world to house a Flex ATX PSU and175mm dual slot GPU. Everything's internal, no external powerbrick.

    Smol X1 mini: -3.69L (working to get it to 3.6L) I believe this is the world record currently for housing a non-lowprofile dual slot gpu with completely internal powersupply; -dual slot GPU up to 175mm; -39mm cpu cooler room -flex atx psu; -everything is internal, so no external powerbrick. -...
  2. Joonst

    Concept Introducing the Smol Big X1 (10L, 240mm AIO, 126mm aircooler, 297mm 2.5slot GPU) and the X1 (6.9L, 120mm aio, 126mm aircooler, 183mm 2.5slot gpu)!

    Smol X1 and Big X1: Not just another sff case Hello everyone! I'm very proud to introduce to you the Smol Big X1 and Smol X1. You might have seen the Smol X1 before, as I've posted it here before, and I'm very active on reddit too (u/SmolSFF). I just finished the design of the Big X1. It's just...