slim pc

  1. sergiiua

    Prototype cases "SL itx" produced by Custom_MOD

    ... in search of a simple and convenient design ... This is a new line of cases made of steel. More strength and cheaper cost! case SL2 ix 2.9L rev. 1.1 A little more and already the power supply inside ... Specs: - Volume: 2.9L (270mm x 185mm x 59mm) - Material: 1mm Steel, Powder Coating -...
  2. sergiiua

    Concept Custom_MOD case SLM1 lm 4L

    case SLM1 lm 4L Super rigid design of light aluminum ... Easy installation of components ... External power supply ... This is a small part of the advantages of our case SLM. Specs: - Volume: 4L (325,5mm x 188,5mm x 65mm) - The CPU faces up and the GPU faces up - Material: aluminum (2mm)...