1. es2305

    Power Supply Help to choose power supply for a very small case

    Hello everyone, I am a tech apassionated person like a lot of you and for a hobbie project I wanted to build a small form factor computer, but I have two issues, 1: I am not sure if everything will fit into the case, and 2: by choosing the Mini Plug Type DC PSU Module and AC/DC power supply...
  2. ChainedHope

    Chain's Ideas (Megathread of my running ideas)

    Quick Introduction Hello all, this is just a thread to log all my ideas whether it be for SFF projects or projects in general. I may not do anything described, but if you would like you are more than welcome to "borrow" some ideas and implement them yourself, just be sure to post an image bellow...
  3. S

    DoubleU - 3.99L gaming machine

    Hello, I've kinda new here and to making logs but we all should start somewhere someday, right? So I started with idea of making gaming tablet based on desktop parts but turned out that nano-itx with PCI-e and reasonable CPU costs over 1000$ witch made me drop this idea. However, on the way...